Bing Places

The Second Largest Search Engine


Bing is the second largest search engine in the United States with an average of over 873,000,000 daily searches. Bing is aggressively chasing Bing in the search engine market and should not be underestimated. Bing has crucial market placement which can be attributed to being the default search engine for all Microsoft devices and products. This makes Bing Places a consistent and reliable source for search query traffic. While Bing is not as competitive as Google, Bing will still increase your web traffic nonetheless. Meta Brand Marketing will create, verify and manually update your Bing Places profile to achieve front page placement on Bing Maps and ensure your rankings will not be suppressed.

How it Works

Bing Business Profile Creation

Creating an account with Bing Places is only the first step to recieve traffic from Bing searches. A Bing Places profile also needs to be verified in order to placed on the frontpage of Bing searches. Bing needs to trust the profile as an actual verified business and that can sometimes cause frustrating obstacles for business owners. Meta Brand Marketing is well versed on what businesses can be verified and the correct routes to verify them in a timely and successful manner.

Step 1
Profile Creation

Meta Brand Marketing will manually create and optimize a Bing Places account for your business. We ensure the information we create is accurate and uniform for your business. Knowing how to manage this content is crucial to the success of your business as Bing ensures your business is at the center of the action when prospective clients are investigating the key terms that can bring them to your digital doorstep.

Step 2
Routine Updates

It is important to keep your online business profiles updated regularly and Bing is no different. The algorithms that refine searches change often to give user's the most accurate results possible. These changes happen without the knowledge of the business owner, so having Meta Brand Marketing keeping up-to-date information on your business is of the utmost importance when your goal is to rank high in Bing searches. At Meta Brand Marketing, we update your Bing account weekly. This ensures that your business information is accurate and that your rankings will not be suppressed.

Step 3

No Smoke & Mirrors

Internet marketing works. In fact, internet marketing works extraordinarily well when specific SEO fundamentals are implemented for our clients. At Meta Brand Marketing we know there isn’t any magic trick to bringing you the results needed to grow your marketing reach. There is only hard work. With our team of experts creating content specifically for your business and knowing how to implement, curate, and distribute your content online we can offer you a digital pathway to success. Capitalize on your business’s true potential with Meta Brand Marketing.

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